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Have you ever sat and wondered why a grown man would molest a little girl who has not fully budded? What makes him desire to take away her innocence and purity? What gives him the right? What causes him to think he has the right? Was he born that way, or did something happen to him? Do you ever wonder whether it is something he will, or can ever overcome? Could it be he is possessed by an evil force that craves to prey and feeds on the innocence of children? Does he simply take selfish pleasure in doing so and perhaps enjoys it too much to not do it? What enters the soul, the mind, the heart or the spirit of such a man? Something so life-altering that he would wait and lurk in dark places or invade a loving home waiting for the opportunity to molest and damage an innocent little girl? What is it in him that craves for such evil and wrongdoing? What is he lacking? Was he himself abused and molested, or did sheer wickedness just descend upon his mind and soul and take him over? Maybe sheer wickedness and evil did not come upon him, maybe he willed it. Whatever the answer was, I paid the price for it, but I made a determined effort to overcome and conquer that price. Was it something about me that attracted an older pedophile and a young rapist? Shame, guilt, self-defeating and self-destructive decisions, choices, actions and behaviors on my part became the order of the day for me. I sank. I sank really low, but I got back up.

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