The Service Payout! Who Are You Destined To Be?

David, Goliath, Giant, Bible


5/16/18 Lesson Discussion: David slays Goliath while on a servitude mission for his father Jesse to check on the status of his brothers and to deliver food to them.  David was in servitude following his fathers request with no intention to fight against Goliath. Have you come across unexpected giants in your life? Have you found yourself in servitude but having to slay a giant? or naysayer? or negative Nick or Nancy? I find that helping others and being a blessing to others during times of stress or a during a “triggered” moment is very uplifting. Putting our minds on others helps to take away from wallowing or drowning in our own issues.



1 Samuel 16:10-12

1 Samuel 17:17

1 Samuel 17:50



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