Breaking the Strongholds of Abuse

Educate and inform from a faith based perspective; to encourage healing of the mind, body and spirit that have been damaged from abuse related traumas.

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About Tora Spraggs

As a unique entrepreneur and motivational speaker, Tora aims to make a difference with her personal story of healing after sexual abuse

Tora “ToraNado” Spraggs is a dynamic business woman, motivational speaker and author with a diverse calling; she possesses a unique mix of entrepreneurship and inspirational work.  Tora delivers the message that your past traumas should not dictate and determine your future, “You were born to bloom”. Tora strongly believes that the major key during her healing process after  enduring years of sexual abuse that began at a very early age was building a strong faith based foundation.

This website is created to provide you with numerous resources to active, motivate, inspire and assist your healing process. I hope to motivate you to find the strength and courage to begin healing and make a determination to become your best you, regardless of the tragedy or trauma you have experienced. This website is not a pity-party gathering and it is most likely not filled with all of the things you may “want” to hear. Rather the opposite, you may come across the same necessary harsh truths that I had to face when I began my healing journey. 

As you working through the crippling, smothering feelings of shame, blame and guilt; please know there is provision and promise surrounding your life. 

Those of us that have experienced a sexual abuse trauma endure the same withering process of a budding magnolia flower if it is mishandled during its early blooming stages. The young budding years of a growing child are very fragile and must be delicately cared for and nurtured. During the blooming phase, if the magnolia bloom is touched, damaged or harmed the white satiny petals begin to turn brown, wither and most often fall away. The same can be said for a young child that begins to experience sexual abuse at the age of 7. The insides and mental state of this young child become bruised and withered. The child can take on a deadened lifeless feeling inside as the outside attempts to carry a happy appearance. This masked faced often carries into adulthood and the hope of living life to the fullest seems unattainable.

The good news for the magnolia is that proper treatment, removal of dead bark and lots of tender and attentive care; the withered brown magnolia bloom will again bloom and become just as beautiful as it was before withering and dying away. In relation to the emotions, symptoms and mental effects experienced from sexual abuse; the same care steps MUST be taken.

Removal of the dead bark; working through the crippling and smothering feelings of shame, blame and guilt. Nurturing and pruning the dead limbs; nurturing and pruning the deadened emotions and triggers that can send you flying out of control or into a rage. Pruning of the beautiful magnolia bloom requires the right tools on hand prior to beginning the work of bringing the bloom back to its beautiful pristine state. We also must have the correct tools on hand to begin reclaiming enjoyment of life after sexual abuse.

I hope you have made the determination that you are ready to begin your healing journey and break the strongholds of sexual abuse. There are many males in our midst who have undergone the same violation, torture and trauma. To all of you, male or female, my message is to not allow your trauma to sink you. The emotional strongholds of abuse can be broken.

In Love and Healing,

We Have Published A New Book

Have you ever sat and wondered why a grown man would molest a little girl who has not fully budded? What makes him desire to take away her innocence and purity? What gives him the right? What causes him to think he has the right? Was he born that way, or did something happen to him? Do you ever wonder whether it is something he will, or can ever overcome? Could it be he is possessed by an evil force that craves to prey and feed on the innocence of children? Does he simply take selfish pleasure in doing so and perhaps enjoys it too much to not do it?

What enters the soul, the mind, the heart or the spirit of such a man? Something so life altering that he would wait and lurk in dark places or invade a loving home waiting for the opportunity to molest and damage an innocent little girl? What is it in him that craves for such evil and wrong doing? What is he lacking? Was he himself abused and molested, or did sheer wickedness just descend upon his mind and soul and take him over? Maybe sheer wickedness and evil did not come upon him, maybe he willed it. Whatever the answer was, I paid the price for it, but I made a determined effort to overcome and conquer that price.

Was it something about me that attracted an older pedophile and a young rapist? Shame, guilt, self-defeating and self-destructive decisions, choices, actions and behaviors on my part became the order of the day for me. I sank. I sank really low, but I got back up.

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